PhD & Research Programmes & Opportunities

PhD & Research Programmes & Opportunities

As a doctoral/PhD student at TU Dublin, you will hugely expand your knowledge of your chosen discipline, learn new skills and enjoy a period of intense intellectual stimulation. It’s not only a highly rewarding experience; you’ll greatly enhance your career prospects.

TU Dublin’s PhD programme is a structured, research-based programme of education which includes activities that help you to acquire a range of specialist and transferrable skills.

As a doctoral/PhD student, you’ll complete your specialised research project in an interdisciplinary research environment while developing discipline-specific and transferrable skills and competencies that you can apply in industry and the professions.

You’ll complete transferrable skills modules during the four-year programme, including Communication Skills, Ethics & Social Understanding, Personal Effectiveness, Team-working & Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Professional & Career Management.

You will also complete discipline-specific modules that are tailored to your research project.