Denise Behan


D825 - Common

John Behan


D801 - School Of Science Administration

Kaytee Behan


Societies Development Officer, Campus Life

Patrice Behan


Lecturer, Chemical And Pharmaceutical Sciences

Alicia Beiro Magan


Assistant Staff Officer, Institute Secretary

Nicole Beisiegel


Assistant Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

Clare Bell


Assistant Lecturer, Dublin School Of Creative Arts

Niall Bell


Lecturer, Engineering

Louise Bellew


Lecturer, Hospitality Mgmt And Tourism

Linda Bennett


D210 - Library

Denis Benson


Technical Officer, Food Science And Environmental Health

Mark Benson


Porter, Premises

Susan Benson


Clerical Officer, Premises

Darren Bergin


Assistant Lecturer, Dublin School Of Architecture

Megan Bergin


Assistant Staff Officer, Hospitality Mgmt And Tourism

William Bergin


Senior Lecturer II, Mechanical And Design Engineering

Nevan Bermingham


Assistant Lecturer, Hospitality Mgmt And Tourism

Julie Bernard


Manager Dit Access Svs Civic Engage Sv, Access And Civic Engagement

Gary Bernie


Lecturer, Business

Damon Berry


Lecturer, Electrical And Electronic Engineering